Sarah Bunce
Riverport have provided our new business great support and guidance during the last few months. On top of this I have met some great people, who have worked very hard to promote our business locally. Resulting in new customers!
Collette Parker 2020 Communications
Riverport has proved invaluable in building those all important local links with other businesses. I cherish the sense of community in the club and working alongside other businesses to increase client base and not to mention boosting the local economy while doing so!
William Scantlebury
I really enjoy coming to the club, not just for the leads it produces for me but for the support I get from the other members.
Victor Sacks
Riverport has put me in touch with entrepreneurs who want to improve & grow their business, share ideas, refer clients to eachother & have fun whilst doing so.
Gennaro Coppolaro
As one of the original members of the business club 7 years ago and of the relaunched Riverport Business Club, I have enjoyed seeing the group grow, which in turn has produced many benefits, both for my business and personally. The group is not only an excellent source of qualified business leads, but also a source of reliable suppliers for work, home and my network of contacts. In addition, the group provides a welcoming and friendly environment to help support, develop ideas and grow your business amongst like-minded people.
Keith Hodge
Riverport businesses club has done wonders for the growth of my business. Has been a major part of our growth over the last couple of years.

Why join our club?

  • High Quality Leads
  • Peer Support
  • Exclusive Business Category
  • Personal Development
  • Relaxed & Supportive Environment
  • Local Businesses Supporting Local Community